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Introducing a revolutionary new tool for advisors that helps make investment decisions easier...

  • Analyze the factor exposure of any portfolio or fund using returns data
  • Understand the sources of these returns and how they vary across market cycles
  • Replicate any fund to obtain similar factor exposure at dramatically lower cost
  • Join a limited group of advisors being offered free access to our interactive factor analyzer
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Factor allocation — the new wave in investing

Vijay Vaidyanathan, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

“A fund’s active investment performance is determined by its asset allocation policy and how portfolios are managed – both the result of choices an investor or advisor makes. Just as asset allocation can be constructed to meet an investor’s objectives, the selection of factors can be more efficiently determined to meet these same goals.

We call this new technique factor allocation. It’s the new wave in investing.”

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FactorAllocator™ does three key things


Provides critical portfolio metrics to the advisor and allows for easy comparison of portfolios


Constructs a replicated portfolio of any fund or manager, using only returns data


Enables the advisor to blend any number of portfolios to find the right factor mix

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  • Portfolios are constructed to meet a range of different objectives; funds are selected on the basis of actual or perceived performance.
  • Whatever approach an investor or advisor chooses, the result is the same: factor bias.
  • Factor bias is unrecognized exposure to certain factors which to a large extent determine investment performance.
  • That’s akin to constructing an asset allocation on the basis of individual managers rather than asset classes.
  • We describe our approach in the first issue of Factor Focus.

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